Thursday, November 29, 2007

Trillium Software Customer Conference

The field marketing team told me today that the dates for the Trillium Software Customer Conference are confirmed now on May 20-23, 2008. You heard it here first. The official announcement comes out from our PR team in a week or so.

I’m excited about it this year, since the location will be here in Boston at the Marriott Boston Cambridge. Being so close to home, it will give everyone working in our Billerica office an opportunity to interact with customers.

The event is specifically aimed at customers. If there’s a feature in the software that you’ve been dying to see, or if you think Trillium Software needs to lead the way in a new direction, you can tell it to the VP of development and even the head of the Trillium division of Harte-Hanks. There are no guarantees your suggestions will make it, but the interaction is valuable to both customer and company.

We’ll have learning sessions, demonstrations and industry experts all contributing to the event. In looking over the mini-site, I can see that the final agenda hasn’t been announced yet, but they have been known to do a great job getting guest speakers, customer presentations and a few key Trillium Software employee presentations.

I had the privilege of attending and presenting at last year’s event in Las Vegas. I heard very positive feedback. Field marketing usually throws in a couple of nice surprises to make the event fun. Last year, one of the highlights was a “motivation speaker” who was anything BUT motivational. There were some Vegas shows that the whole group enjoyed, including Blue Man Group. I’m looking forward to a great time in Boston, too.

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