Thursday, November 15, 2007

Siebel UCM at Schneider National

A case study on Schneider National came out today on TechTarget. This appears to be a case study that Oracle/Siebel drove, but Trillium Software is a big part of the success here. It's a classic case of a small company that grew rapidly without regard to information quality processes. Now, smartly, company is looking to clean up the 50+ databases of customer information to get a better handle on its business.
I was intrigued by this:

"Schneider's source data comes from a monolithic mainframe-based system that houses customer information such as billing and customer orders. The UCM also ties into a Lawson ERP system on the back end."
That's why it's so important for data quality vendors to support many platforms and offer many ways to integrate data quality processes. Here's an example of a customer that may possibly need: 1) Mainframe support; 2) Siebel UCM support; and 3) a way to hook up Lawson ERP to the DQ processes. Frankly, the vendors that have folded into the ETL tools or BI tools can't support all that. Only an enterprise DQ platform can do it all, and any future integration that may come up.

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