Tuesday, June 9, 2009

MIT's Information Quality Industry Symposium

This year, I am honored to be part of MIT's Information Quality Industry Symposium in Cambridge, MA. In past years I have attended this conference and have been pleased with the quality of the speakers and how informed the industry is getting about data quality. This year, my company is sponsoring the event and I will be co-presenting with my colleague Nelson Ruiz.

The speaker's list is impressive! Some of the featured speakers include very experienced practitioners like Larry English, Bill Inmon, Danette McGilvray and Gwen Thomas. Attendees will be sure to gain some insight on information quality with such a full line-up of experts.

In true MIT form, this forum has a lot of theoretical content in addition to the practical sessions. This is one of the more academic venues for researching data quality, and therefore less commercial. The presentations are interesting in that they often gave you another perspective on the problem of data quality. Some of them are clearly cutting edge.

My session entitled Using Data Quality Scorecards to Sell IQ Value will be more practical. When it comes to convincing your boss that you need to invest in DQ, how can you create metrics that will ignite their imagination? How do you get the funding... and how do you take information quality enterprise-wide.

If you have some travel budget open, please come to Boston this summer and check out this small and friendly event. As a reader of this blog, feel free to use the Harte-Hanks Trillium Software $100 discount pass when registering.

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