Friday, June 19, 2009

Get your Submissions in for the June Blog Carnival for Information/Data Quality Bloggers

I’m pleased to be hosting the June edition of "El Festival del IDQ Bloggers – A Blog Carnival for Information/Data Quality Bloggers". If you are a data quality blogger, please feel free to submit your best blog entries today.

This blog carnival is simply a collection of posts from different data quality blogs. Anyone can submit a data quality blog post and get the benefits of extra traffic, networking with other bloggers and discovering interesting posts. The only requirement is that the submitted post has a data quality theme.

This will be the JUNE issue of the carnival, so your submissions must have been posted in June. To qualify, you should e-mail your submission to: – your email should include:
• URL of the blog post being submitted
• Brief description of the blog (not the post, the blog)
• Brief description of the author
• Optional – URL of an author profile (e.g. LinkedIn, Twitter)

Not all entries will make it into the issue, but don’t be discouraged. Keep submitting to future issues and we’ll get you next month.
For more information: see the IAIDQ web page

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