Sunday, April 19, 2009

New Book - The Data Governance Imperative

My new book entitled The Data Governance Imperative is making its way to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other outlets this week. I’m very proud of this and happy to see it finally hit the streets. It was a lot of work and dedication to get it done.

I decided to write this book because I saw a common recurring question that arose during discussions about data governance. How do I get my boss to believe that data governance is important? How do I work with my colleagues to build better information and a better company? How do I break through the barriers preventing data governance maturity like getting money, resources and expertise to accomplish the task? When it comes to justifying the costs of data governance to their organization, building organizational processes, learning how to staff initiatives, understanding the role and importance of technologies, and dealing with corporate politics, there is little information available.

In my years working at Trillium Software, I have been exposed to many great projects in Fortune 1000 companies worldwide. Over the years, I’ve made note of the success factors that contribute to strong data governance. I’ve seen successful strategies for data governance and the common threads to success within and across the industry.

I’ve written the Data Governance Imperative to help readers pioneer data governance initiatives, breaking through political barriers by shining a light on the benefits of corporate information quality. This book is designed to give data governance team members insight into the art of starting data governance. It could be helpful to:

  • Data governance teams – those looking for direction/validation in starting a corporate data governance initiative.
  • Business stakeholders – those working in marketing, sales, finance and other business roles who need to understand the goals and functions of a data governance team.
  • C-level executives – those looking to learn about the benefits of data governance without having to read excessive technical jargon, or even those who need to be convinced that data governance is the right thing to do.
  • IT executives – those who believe in the power of information quality but have faced challenges in convincing others in their corporation of its value.
This book does not focus on the technical aspects of data governance, although technologies are discussed. There are some great books on the technology of data governance in the market today. Some are listed on the left side of this blog in the carousel.

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