Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Trillium Software News Items

A couple of big items hit the news wire today from Trillium Software that are significant for data quality enthusiasts.

Item One:
Trillium Software cleansed and matched the huge database of Loyalty Management Group (LMG), the database company that owns the Nectar and Air Miles customer loyalty schemes in the UK and Europe.
LMG has saved £150,000 by using data quality software to cleanse its mailing list, which is the largest in Europe, some 10 million customers strong. I believe this speaks to Trillium Software’s outstanding scalability and global data support. This particular implementation is an Oracle database with Trillium Software as the data cleansing process.

Item Two:
Trillium Software delivered the latest version of the Trillium Software System version 11.5. The software now offers expanded cleansing capabilities across a broader range of countries.
Again, global data is a key take-away here. Being able to handle all of the cultural challenges you encounter with international data sets is a problem that requires continual improvement from data quality vendors. Here, Trillium is leveraging their parent company’s buyout of Global Address to improve the Trillium technology.

Item Three:
Trillium Software released a new mainframe version of version 11.5, too.
Trillium Software continues to support data quality processes on the mainframe. Unfortunately, you don’t see other enterprise software companies offering many new mainframe releases these days, despite the fact that the mainframe is still very much a viable and vibrant for managing data.

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