Friday, April 9, 2010

Links from my eLearning Webinar

I recently delivered a webinar on the Secrets of Affordable Data Governance. In the webinar, I promised to deliver links for lowering the costs of data management.  Here are those links:

  • Talend Open Source - Download free data profiling, data integration and MDM software.
  • US Census - Download census data for cleansing of city name and state with latitude and longitude appends.
  • - The data available from the US government.
  • Geonames - Postal codes and other location reference data for almost every country in the world.
  • GRC Data - A source of low-cost customer reference data, including names, addresses, salutations, and more.
  • Regular Expressions - Check the shape of data in profiling software or within your database application.
If you search on the term "download reference data", you will find many other sources.


Bouchra said...

Great presentation Steve! Thank you.

pedrogt said...

Hello, I unfortunately missed the webinar. I'm trying to access through the archive page but the Webinar Link is failing. Let me know how can I get to the content.
Thanks in advance!

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