Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Oracle Data Integration Suite - Trillium Software Inside

Finally! Finally, I can talk about the exciting news regarding Trillium Software’s partnership with Oracle. It’s a perfect decision for Oracle to begin working with Trillium in the data integration market, combining Sunopsis technology with Trillium Software technology to address some of the competitive challenges of IBM and the Webshere platform.

Trillium Software has long been a supporter of the Oracle platform, first offering batch technology for cleansing Oracle databases. A few years ago, we began offering direct support for Oracle’s older data integrator, OWB. Now, this integration with ODI is going to serve Oracle customers with excellent data quality within a superb data integration platform.

Trillium Software prides itself in it’s our connectivity into major enterprise applications. Here are a few of the most popular ones:

  • SAP - SAP R/3, SAP CRM, SAP ERP and SAP NetWeaver MDM.
  • Oracle - OWB, ODI, Siebel eBusiness, Siebel UCM, Oracle CDH, and Oracle eBusiness Suite.
  • Ab Initio
  • Siperian

In addition, we still have quite a few customers on the Informatica platform, and we continue to support those customers, despite the fact that Informatica has had a competitive data quality solution since its acquisition of Similarity Systems. We even maintain our integration with IBM Websphere, despite IBM’s acquisition of Ascential, who had acquired data quality vendor Vality. Still, we have a significant number of users who are using Datastage with Trillium Software and don’t want to switch.

Why support all these integration points when other vendors don’t? It’s where the reality of the marketplace meets product development. Let’s face it, large companies most often don’t run a single application platform across their entire enterprise. Most have a mixture of IBM, Oracle, Siebel, and many other enterprise vendors. Sometimes, this makes perfect sense for the organization. The heterogeneous enterprise often occurs when the application vendors can’t meet all the needs of the organization. So, for example, SAP ERP may meets the need of manufacturing, but Siebel better meets the requirements of sales and marketing.

On the other hand, it makes sense to standardize the data platform of your company. If you can plug the same rules engine into any of these platforms, data quality is more easily a simple component of corporate governance. Now you don’t have to hire staff to operate and maintain multiple data quality tools. Now, you won’t have to try to tune one data quality tool to make it behave like another. It is much easier to achieve a company-wide gold customer master record with a single information quality platform like Trillium Software.


Steve Sarsfield said...

My friend Vince
has another opinion on this announcement. Just came in after I posted this entry.

Anonymous said...

Very informative post.

This is an excellent deal for Trillium and it's going to push Oracle into the Gartner Magic Quadrant leader square for data integration software as it fills all the DQ and profiling holes.

What are the chances that Oracle could pry Trillium away from Harte-Hanks? Do you think they would sell this software division? This would give Oracle complete ownership over the Trillium product roadmap.

Steve Sarsfield said...

Unfortunately Vince, I wouldn't know if this is even in the realm of possibility for Harte-Hanks, nor should I comment on it. I'll leave that to the Harte-Hanks chiefs.

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