Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Data Governance Success in the Financial Services Sector - UMB

We all know by now that data governance is comprised of people, process and technology. Without all of these factors working together in harmony, data governance can’t succeed.
Among the latest webcasts we’ve recently done at Trillium Software, there’s the story of UMB Bank. This is a very interesting story about people, process and technology in the financial services world and how they came together for success.
The team started with a mission statement: to know customers, anticipate needs, advocate and advise, innovate and surprise. The initiative used technology to build a solid foundation of high quality, integrated customer data. The technology is built on Oracle and Trillium Software to deliver high quality customer data to all arms of the business. Finally, the webcast covers the process and people in starting out with smaller projects and building alignment within the data governance team for ongoing success.
If you have about 45 minutes, please use it to view this wecast, now available for replay on the Trillium Software web site. It’s a great use of your time!

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